I often go to sleep at night being reflexive. I’m often concerned about many things. My thoughts begin to spin in circles and I begin to be worried about my day. I am afraid of what will be or if my plans will work. But my biggest fear is always to please everybody. For me it is the highest goal to make the others happy.

A week ago, I worried so much, I could not sleep at night until 2 am. I turned around in my bed and the more I occupied my head, the less I could sleep. I know, I only can make one person happy. I have to disappoint one of my two friends. It was terrible and I could not figure out how to act in future.


You need to sleep!

You can’t change the world this night.

The last time I looked at my clock was 2 am.

I fell asleep.

… and the next day I woke up, having a cup of hot chocolate, wondering what the hell was this bad about it? Why did I worry about things which do not weight as heavy as they did yesterday?

Sometimes you only need to sleep about it and things are getting clear! Do not distress yourself!

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