How are you? This is one of the most frequently asked questions. We hear it almost every day. Yesterday morning, I was on my way to work and when I got into the elevator, I met a collegue of mine. She smiled at me and asked: How are you? What I thought: I’m not fine, […]

When you invest in love, it is like investing in equities or derivatives: you never have a guarantee on return. Not even on repayment. There’s no one who could underwrite you to get your money back. So why are you afraid of being deceived? The worst thing that could happen to you is to be […]

Do you know the days you wake up in the morning and you know that this day is going to be awesome?! The moments you don’t know if you’re still dreaming? I had such a moment today. I woke up and there he was, this wonderful man with sleep in his lovely eyes. He smiled […]

She had blue skin And so did he. he kept it hid and so did she. They searched for blue their whole life through, then passed right by – and never knew.

I am a dreamer. I always dream of the things I want to do in life. Believe me, there are enough of it. But I do not have the courage to make them real. It’s a shame but I can’t get out of my skin.  In the daytime my body has several functions: like getting out […]

We try to separate our feelings like waste. We try to split off the bad and concentrate on the good. Are you successful with that? Does it make your life better? Is it even possible to treat feelings like trash? I don’t think so! I think we are all a sum of feelings which should […]

Read this book, I definitely love it!!

I had a wonderful weekend with a wonderful person. Do you know these ones who you are never annoyed from? The ones you always wish to be surrounded by? The ones we look at and we begin to laugh or to be happy or even to smile?

Normally I check my phone nearly every half an hour. This is awful. I hate it but I depend on this fucking little thing. This is my window to be connected with the ones I like. But very often it is also the window to be connected with the ones I do not like.

Why do we allow ourselves to be this addicted by a little rectangular thing? Normally, when I switch it off, I start to get squirrelly after only a few minutes. My head tells me that there could be some messages which are interesting. But if you are honest to yourself, this is not the fact you recognize when you switch your smartphone back on.

Sure, there are several messages, but is only one of them important? Is only one of them important today? We are used to answer our messages very quick and we are used to stay connected all the time. For what? Why do you check your phone all the time? Is it important for you? Is it more important than enjoying the day with what you have and not with what or who you could be connected?

Back to topic:

I had a wonderful weekend. I not only felt it by heart, but I also forgot to check my phone. I loved to take several pictures with it, but my messages were of no importance cause everything I needed was with me. I only took my phone to make a photo I can hang on to when my hair is grey and I want to remember this wonderful weekend in a tend near the water with a barbecue made with love.

…but to be honest: the most beautiful moment of this weekend isn’t on the picture, it’s in my head! And no smartphone could ever take such a great shot!

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Some of my best friends know me very well. For them it’s predictable how I am going to act in some situations.  For my mother even my mood is predictable by just looking into my face.  These are the people I love and spend time with. They know me for many years or even all […]


Nowadays it is very important to the people to look good and to impress others with their style. I don’t think that this is a change I can appreciate! What’s the sense in being dressed like hell but not having a good character? Don’t the people know the true values anymore? The ones that count? […]