Who are you? I ask myself this question every day and sometimes it gets more and more strange thinking about it.

Who am I? I am here in this moment thinking about myself. I am a human being and I am thinking out of a body that belongs to me. Isn’t it strange that these two things seem to be separated parts of me while asking me this question?

Who am I?

What is it that defines me? Why am I living in a body? What about the others? What would the world be without our shells? Why do we need it? For sexual pleasure maybe? But most part of it happens in my head.

Who am I?

And who am I when nobody’s watching? I do behave in another way knowing not to be seen by anyone. I sometimes ask myself why, but I don’t know the answer.
Who am I?

What will happen to me when life is over and my body begins to expire? I’m sure we will all find out one day!

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  1. It is only hard work if you don’t do it with pleasure. I do it with passion. Thank you!


  2. […] my head tells me? Why does my head tell me so much at all? There we are again at the question: Who am I? And what makes me who I am? And am I always the same, or do I change and become someone else? Mom […]


  3. Oh wow, you make me proud. That’s exactly why writing is my favourite business. Thank you so much!


  4. […] It’s one thing to discover the underwater world and see things that are hidden from many people. But it’s another thing, just not seeing things. Because we are too stupid for that. Blind! But how do you stop to see more? Where does it have to click to make us understand? What are we here for? And who am I? Who are you? (When nobody’s watching) ? […]



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