My beloved friend Conny used to say:

They are all grey and wrinkled when they get old.

I totally agree with her. The optical appearance attracts us for the first view, for the first hours or for the first weeks. But in the end, this is not the thing we grow old with.

For me, having a good conversation with someone who has interesting thoughts and a good mind is much more attractive than everything else. I am convinced that inner beauty is the real beauty.

A man or a woman without a good heart can never shine as bright as someone who cares for others and esteems life as a present. Sure that a good visual appearance helps getting in touch, but this is not the essential.

Did you ever see someone smile and you were catched by this wonderful moment? Laughing with the one you love is the most important thing in life, this is what makes us happy. Not the photo of a man or a woman dressed up. The older I get, the more I appreciate inner values like loyality, honesty and personality.

I aspire to be an old woman with an old man, laughing at old jokes from a wild youth.

Thank you Atticus – I adore your poems!

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