People only hear what they want to hear, no matter what you say. There are always people who adhere to their opinion, even if they can’t constitute it.

And sometimes we even know that this fact is a lie, but we want to believe so bad…

…that we do!

It is fascinating how our mind is playing this trick on us. If somebody would have told me that it is possible to lie right in your own face, I would not have believed it. But time’s passing by and you get older and wiser like your grandma did prophesy you. And then you know that it is true:

We all eat Lies when our hearts are hungry!

Oh yes we do!

Take a second and reflect some things, some moments in life. Isn’t there anything you only believed because your heart wanted you to?

Was it your friend saying your new haircut is pretty? Was it your best friend telling you she was ill and could not come to your birthday? Was it your dad telling you that he would come to watch your next football match instead of working all night?

Or was it your big love pledging you to be true blue?

Don’t lie to yourself! The higher you fly with that lie, the deeper you will fall.

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