Some of my best friends know me very well. For them it’s predictable how I am going to act in some situations.

For my mother even my mood is predictable by just looking into my face.

These are the people I love and spend time with. They know me for many years or even all my lifetime. This feeling is like coming home or even being at home.

And then there are other people who pretend to know you even if they didn’t talk to you much longer than a few minutes.

I think time is a very relevant factor. Spending time with somebody sure reveals a lot of personnel habits. Let’s think about a couple living together. They call the same place home every single day. Even on bad days. And these are the moments we show our real faces.

Knowing a person is a gift.

In a world where everyone wears a mask it’s a privilege to see a soul.

You don’t know me, you only know what I allow you to know.

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  1. Too bad no one I know, knows what’s going on in my mind. not even my mom, but I do enjoy surprising them, by doing things that they never thought that I’d do 🙂 And btw, your blog is awesome.


  2. […] I like to let people look behind the facade, because that’s honest. But also here: You don’t know me – You only know what I allow you to know. I am different. And I am satisfied with it. I do not like many things about me, that’s […]


  3. Thank you, I’m proud to hear that!



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