We try to separate our feelings like waste. We try to split off the bad and concentrate on the good. Are you successful with that? Does it make your life better? Is it even possible to treat feelings like trash?

I don’t think so!

I think we are all a sum of feelings which should be seen as a package. Not focussing on the bad feelings sure is a good strategy for feeling better. But this doesn’t last for longtime. For the future, we need to kill the moods tearing us down! We need to fight for! No one ever reached a goal only by sitting waiting wishing.

First of all you need to stop complaining and take the things as they are. And if you stop complaining, you will find out that your mood will rise. But you have to take this advice serious. To stop complaining only by stopping to tell the people about your sad life isn’t enough. You need to stop your own brain from thinking like this.

Start to see the positives! Every change is a chance! So let’s take it for a better life!

The whole day, I’m surrounded by people which are not satisfied. Every single thing seems to be a problem. They are used to live in a wellnesstemple and so they are blind for all the things they have! They are spoiled!

Now they have to step out of their comfort zone and they all begin to cry and wail. This is abject.

Open your eyes for the beauty in this world and please notice how blessed you are! You are more or less healthy, you have a home and in ideal case some friends. You don’t need to separate anything!

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