Do you know the days you wake up in the morning and you know that this day is going to be awesome?! The moments you don’t know if you’re still dreaming?
I had such a moment today. I woke up and there he was, this wonderful man with sleep in his lovely eyes. He smiled at me, putted his strong arms around me, telling me that I would be a beautiful woman. Now tell me: what more do you need in life!? There’s no day which could have started better than this!

I am lucky. After some stormy years, I think I finally found the one who stands against the wind and brings back the sunshine to my life. Sometimes he holds my head with both hands and when he kisses me, I feel like a sunflower turning the face to the sun. I am happy and lucky and the days are passing by so fast. I would like to cuddle every single one and tear it deep down into my memories.

Everything seems to be easy since then and there’s no need to do anything for that. Simple pleasures do make simple life a perfect life!


Same time, another place.


My beloved friend’s biggest dream in life, the big bubble, exploded in seconds. There are no words for that. No one could ever feel the pain like she does.

No one could ever express this catastrophe by writing some words. That’s why I do not want to write about this any further.

The thing I wanted to make you conscious about is another:

Isn’t it strange that there are so many people happy at this moment while others are so sad? The world is quiet this morning for me at one place. It is lovely, sunny and peaceful. The world begins to disappear at another place. The contrast never seemed as big to me as it did today.

I am not the one believing in God, but I do think that there must be something stronger. A force we do not know anything about. Something responsible to our souls, while nature is responsible to our bodies.

Is there only a certain amount of luck in this world which has to be distributed every day? It’s not enough for everybody. Will we ever find out why? Are we able to or is our point of view too small for this in a huge universe like ours?

Next time I am going to wake up and have one of this awesome moments, I will be even more conscious about that. While it’s me having everything I need, there are others who’s life status seems to be:

Currently holding it all together with only one bobby pin!

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