miss.ob·so·le̱t Love

If someone would ask me what I wanted to have for birthday present, my answer would be simple. I don’t need expensive presents, I don’t need material things. I don’t want to have flowers or a special cake. I would reply:

I just want my beloved to spend TIME with me.

Seems simple but the more you are in love, the more you know the real value of time. Time is everything we have, and don’t. It passes by so fast when we are happy … and it seems to go slow-motion when we are sad.

What is time? What is it than just a little clock with some pointers on it? They turn around in a circle and give us a snap-shot about their actual position by looking on it. But what is time? Is it only an indefinite continued progress of existence and events that occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future? No, it isn’t. Time is rather a feeling which escapes our notice while we are busy doing other stuff. We are so busy working and keeping appointments that we don’t even perceive time. For the most people, time does have a significant social importance with an economic value like

Time is money!

Money is a material thing, but you can’t buy time  – not even with all the money in the world, you can’t even swap material things for time. But what is it than just the fourth dimension? Are we all too blind to decode this hidden secret? What is it that keeps us away from comprehension? We cannot impose the view of four dimensions of space in two classes of persons who believe nothing but what they see and those who see nothing but what they believe.

I am not able to understand Einsteins special theory of relativity, even if this is the most fascinating secret for me. But I do know one thing which is even more important:

Our time is limited and if someone offers his time for you, this is the most priceless present you can get. Spending time with people you love is what makes us happy, this is what makes us feel immortal even if we know the same moment that we are not.

And in the end, time well-spent is much more precious than having time without end. Or would you appreciate the time of a friend or your true love if you would know that you can have it anytime? I think time has been given to us just to teach us a value we wouldn’t have known otherwise. Quality is always overcoming quantity.

And when he holds me in his arms, suddently time stands still!


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