Glur Hostel

First night in Bangkok and I am very happy with our hostel which is called Glur Hostel and Coffee Bar.

It is very pretty inside, but you have to be aware that it is only a hostel. There’s no special extra and you immediately get the feeling of being a real traveller.

This is our room from the inside:

There are two big beds in it and the room is very clean.

The shower is funny because the showerhead doesn’t fit into the holder and after a few seconds of showering, the complete bathroom is under water inclusive the toilet.

They offer extremely good food and some nice cup of coffee:



We only paid 2.500 Bath for two nights and we are in the middle of Bangkok directly in the center.

This city never sleeps. Bangkok is as unpretty as it is impressive, like the people everywhere in the world are. But the Thais are extremely friendly and their kindness owns my heart. More people should be like this because an honest smile is worth more than everything else.

Don’t forget to take a ride with one of the Tuk-Tuks, it is definitely a must-do!!

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  1. […] went there by Tuc-Tuc from Glur Hostel and payed only 350 […]


  2. […] went there by Tuc-Tuc from Glur Hostel and payed only 350 […]



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