5. August 2017

What is Sex?

I can’t sleep this night. Normally it is absolutely no problem for me, but there are rare nights like this one today, then it seems not possible to close my eyes.

It is funny, but when I cannot sleep, the weirdest thoughts are going through my mind.

I am lying here in the big bed of a nice apartment in Bangkok. It is almost 3 o’clock in the morning and I am almost naked. The room is spartan and the sound of the air conditioner is the only noise. The window is made out of frosted glass and although the apartment is located on the third floor, I saw the shape of a cat outside. I wondered what she is doing there. Observing her city by night?

I got out of bed and approached the window. I stretched myself and my long blonde hair tickled my backside while the shadow of my rarely naked body filled the room. I touched my neck and began to fantasize.

These are not my fingers round my neck anymore, this is his hand. He grabs my waist with the other one standing behind me. I can feel his muscular body against mine and I can smell his virile odor.

It takes me only seconds to get lecherous.

He begins to kiss my shoulder holding my head straight to the window so that I can’t see what he is going to do next. I feel a shiver down the spine when he touches my intimate zone without any warning and I can’t suppress a moan.

The room fills itself with a special atmosphere and the more he touches the place between my legs, the less I am able to withstand the desire to turn around. One hand is wandering up to my tautly breasts and then he begins to circle around my nipple with his finger. I can feel his breath behind me and damn it’s turning me on.

I can’t stand this any longer so I extricate out of his embrace to turn around and look into his sassy face. He knows this special view. My own special gaze which is telling him that I want to have Sex with him. Only him.

My face is approaching his chin and although I have the deep desire to kiss him, I keep distance from his lips to increase the tension up to the limit. My hips are pressing against his loins and my hands begin to open his pants, which is the only clothing left he wears.

Looking in his eyes is so intimate and I would give everything to know what he is thinking just in this moment.

Now tell me, what is sex? It isn’t merely the act itself. It is the tension, the passion and the shiver down the spine.

Sexy does not come from the shape of a body but from the fire within the soul. Finding both is an explosive mixture, I know what I am talking about. And if you found your fire, you can’t sleep at night because you miss the touch of his hands far away on the other side of the world in an apartment in Bangkok.

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