Floating Market Damnoen Saduak

There are several floating markets near Bangkok and for me it definitely was a highlight. The one I went on is about one and a half hour away, so the one or the other would perhaps prefer a nearer one.

You get there by taxi or car and after that I was brought to the center of the market by boat:

It was very touristic but also very nice to see. The people there are interesting and you can’t hardly believe that they are living this life every day.

It has to be kind of strange to them if the rather rich tourists come to visit the poor people living there.

You get a lot of corny stuff, mostly figures of elephants and apes. The elephant is very important for the Thais because the king was riding on them to times he did not have any car yet.

But you can also buy delicious fresh fruits:

Mind seafood, they can’t keep it cool enough. But meat is ok when cooked hot.


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  1. I don’t see it as a poor side of people living this way, I grew up in a similar way well not living on a floating market however this kind of place is one thing to be proud of that it wasn’t eradicated and changed into somewhat beautiful buildings instead. I wanna too know if you did your tour here with the right price? Cause my friends were almost scammed.



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