Buddha Temple Bangkok

This elaborate temple doubles as the national headquarters for the education and preservation of traditional Thai medicine, and is also the site of one of the first Thai massage schools. If you’re not here to study, wander through the galleries filled with gilded images of Buddha, relax respectfully next to the 150-foot-long Reclining Buddha, or chat with the local monks.

The Buddha temple is exactly like I thought it would be. I putted myself a trousers on and en plus a long sleeve for Buddha is not angry with me. The Thais don’t even like Tattoos of Buddha, it’s against their law, because Buddha is not for decoration. I paid 100 Bath to get in and this was definitely worth it.

It sure has it’s own special flair. The simple white walls with all the special looking rooftops are very beautiful and there are hundreds of statues on the area.

Here are some pics I made.

The area itself shown directly from the entrance:

IMG_20170807_6Some statues:


IMG_20170807_3…and some beautiful trees:

IMG_20170807_5The main Temple building:


IMG_20170807_4My special Highlight was the cat:




I once had a siamese cat like this but unfortunately he died three years ago. This one has it’s tail kinked which was very outlandish to me.

The legend says that a real siamese cat has to have her tail kinked.

Anyways, I liked the temple and perhaps this cat is the reincarnation from mine and lives a happy life there.

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