If you have some time left in Bangkok, you can also take a ride on the Chao Phraia river with the boat. It took me one hour of time and around 650 Bath to do this.

Adventure lies just around the riverbend. The winding Chao Phraya River is Bangkoks arterial waterway and main thoroughfare for boat traffic. Soak up a host of city sights in one go with a short cruise that runs you past the major sites. Visit the bars and restaurants of the five-star hotels that pepper the shoreline for deliriously sublime views, especially at dusk.

The tour started from another place as it ended but this was ok. You can see a lot of little houses at the water front and the boat is shipping through the small canals. A few boats sold there stuff on the water.

I think you can see the real Thailand there, because you can directly see their little houses without much tourism. If you want, you can also feed the fish, you will see a lot of them in this dirty water because they seem to be so hungry that they are jumping out of the water for food.

We also saw something swimming in the canal. It looked like a little alligator, but the guys on the boat told us that it wasn’t one.

This was the boat which moves forward with a large engine:


Then the tiny poor houses:

…and some bigger houses:




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