Amaresa Sky Resort

This lodge is absolutely extraordinary! I booked three nights for 1.950 Baht and what I got for this was much more than I expected!

Let’s start from the beginning:

I took the fairy from Koh Samui to Koh Phangan which took me about one hour. They said it would take 30 minutes, but I was not in a hurry, so the extra time didn’t matter.

The taxi drove me to the southeast of the isle and after a while it stopped and dropped me off. I could not see the Amaresa Resort, although the ride was turbulent and an adventure itself. I asked the driver where to go and he told me that he could not drive the hill up to the resort. So I began to walk. It sure wasn’t far, but with luggage it is a hard way to go!

I called the resort and they picked me up immediately.

The woman at the reception was very friendly and have me a yummy juice. She told me that the shuttle drives every two hours down and up to the city and then the stuff showed me my bungalow.

I am still thrilled by what I saw. This is definitely the most stunning place I’ve ever been.

Let me show you some pics:

This is made with love and I discovered so many beautiful little niches to sit or lye down.

If you want to have nobody around and just enjoy holidays, this is the place to be.

But be aware that you need some performing legs to go the steps down to your bungalow. This is nothing for people with handicap.

I met some little geckos also inside the room, but they are sure more afraid of me than I am because of them.

You should book it, never have been surprised so positive by an accommodation.

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