Malibu Beach Bungalows

Malibu Beach Bungalows are pretty little Bungalows with a hammock on each veranda. They look pretty nice, but they are very small and simple inside. You got a mini fridge and the bathroom is like all the bungalows in Thailand only one room where you flood the whole room by taking a shower.

I will show you some pics:

The property is very beautiful and what impressed me most for the small amount of money was the really beautiful pool which was very clean:

The way to the beach isn’t far and you get your breakfast and your dinner directly at the beach. WLAN does work at all areas. Breakfast was self-service like a buffet and was included for 2.400 Baht for two nights and the two persons.

The small city is about 10 minutes to walk and you get everything there. There are not much of the typical tourism stores, but this was a wonderful variety for me. There was a little pretty book store who is selling old used books in every language.

The accomodation does rent scooters for cheap money.

Saw a lot of dogs and beautiful vehicles:

You can’t do anything wrong by booking this location.

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