This morning I did my sports workout in a fitness center in the hotel. I had a beautiful view through the big window down to the big city below me and so I was looking forward to walk on the treadmill.

I started running… and I started thinking like I normally do jogging in the forrest. First I looked down watching the city waking up because it was early in the morning. I wondered what the life of this people is like and if they would be happy. I admire the beautiful view with it’s big and impressive buildings although I don’t like this city at all.

After only five minutes it began to bore me. Me running a treadmill is like a hamster running in a hamster wheel. But this was not the only thing disturbing me. What I found hell was not to move on. Sure I moved all my limbs, but I did not step forward for only one fucking meter. I sweated and nearly overexerted myself but I always felt like being one step behind!

I miss my family and friends at home and I wanted to feel better by running. Like running into their arms. But in fact I felt worse than before because I ran for ten kilometers and I did not get only one meter closer to my beloved.

Normally I go out running into the forrest. I love it there. The leaves are green and the smell of wild garlic makes me wanna take deep breaths. The branches are cracking under my feet and the sun kisses my nose in the morning. After a workout like this, I begin to feel better immediately!

There’s no wifi, no city, no cars, no traffic, no tar or other modern stuff. Just the trees, the animals and me. And if I want to, I run till I see my beloved ones and make a short break there. I’m stepping forward and also my thoughts do. Working out in the forrest helps me working out the things which are on my mind.

And although I do not always find a solution or an advice for my problems, I know at least that I do belong here or that my friends are here when I’m in need or when I need an open ear to listen.

…and that’s a great feeling no treadmill will ever be able to give you.

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