Baiyoke Sky Hotel Bangkok
21. August 2017

Baiyoke Sky Hotel

Baiyoke Sky Hotel is the highest hotel in Bangkok and was the most luxury accomodation I had during this vacancy. 5.022 Baht for two person and two nights.

It is clean and we got a free upgrade which was wonderful. The hotel has 83 floors and I lived on the 49th. The view was stunning and looking out of the window by night was very assuasive from this heights down to the loud and dirty city.
The bathroom was big and the room had enough space for an extra couch and a TV. Unfortunately it didn’t work but this was no problem. You don’t visit Bangkok to watch TV.
There are some small shops down in the lower floors.

The hotel offers several restaurants. If you want to take your dinner near the rooftop, you have to make a reservation. This is not cheap eating there and I think for such a hotel having breakfast only until ten is not a very extraordinary service.

Our flight back home from Bangkok was at 2 o’clock in the middle of the night and we had to check out already at 2 in the afternoon. But we received a card for using all the things there. They got a nice little gym and a wellness area, and a pool at the 22nd floor. It was also clean and there have not been many people.

The view from the 49th floor:

Bathroom (I’m sorry I did not make another photo):



Then the gym:

And last but not least the Pool:

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