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Till today I didn’t know that the quote

Brakes are for losers!

comes out of a video game. I did not know this quote until I met someone special. I watched him doing the Ironman. I told him to be careful. I told him so because I was afraid of him. He’s the kind of man who never stops until he reached his goal. I admire him for that, but I also think that this can be dangerous. He has a strong character and an even stronger will. He sure is quite annoyed about me telling him all the time to take care. But I don’t care! I will say it anyway. Sometimes it’s good being told what we do know anyway, so there’s a small rest of hope that it might be the crucial bit.

He finished the Ironman. He crossed the finish line like he only did a small workout and damn he looked good! I am so proud of him, I think I am even more proud of him than he is on himself. But more than this, I am happy that he didn’t collapse at 33 degrees.

Brakes are for losers!

When he said this to me, I thought he would only mean the brakes of his bike. I get to know him better and better and it’s funny, but it’s only now that I really understand it’s meaning.

He did not think about the brakes at his bike. This was an allegory for his way of living. And I love the way he’s thinking, even if this does not take my fear of him getting injured.

Concerning my bike I will nevertheless use my brakes and I am glad to have them. Sometimes being a Bore is a good sense. But concerning my feelings, I will never ever use the brake again. Because using the break almost did cost me the most valuable thing I could ever find: my treasure in form of an Ironman.

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