choose happy
28. August 2017

Choose happy!

I made a good choice with you!

he said.

Actually it was me chosing you!

I replied.

And then my thoughts began to take its course.

Was it really me choosing him?

I thought so because I was the first to start the conversation.

But if I have to think twice, I do not know if that’s it what counts. You can’t choose a person. You only can by forcing someone to do something. But you can’t force feelings and that’s why there’s nothing to choose.

If I go out shopping, and there is the beautiful dress at the hanger, then I am able to choose weather to take it with me or not. It’s a material thing over which money decides. And if I have enough of it, I can choose.

This is different with feelings. Even if you want to have this special person by your side, this desire does not place you in the position to take what you want. You aren’t even able to impact your inner feelings of choosing to choose anything. Our sensations and emotions do not allow us to exert any influence. That’s just how it is. You can’t defend yourself about what you feel deep inside.

And that’s why we both had to choose each other to have a perfect match!


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