I am still alone. I came home from sports and my body was covered in sweat. I wanted to take a shower, so I went to the bathroom and watched myself in the mirror. I already passed the age of 30 but I have to say that by watching my reflection I have to be still content with what I see there.

I began to take my clothes off. I putted my pullover into the clothes basket and then my thumbs begin to grab inside the waistband. I pulled my sport tights down past my booty and then it fell off on the floor. There was only my sports bra and a tiny thong left. My eyes began to focus my body. How does a man see what I see now? I began to think of his eyes watching me. Watching me – and wanting me.

I slowed down opening my bra on the front side. My hands wandered along my body. From my neck, to my collarbone down to my belly and finally towards my underwear. I played with my thong by pulling the strings away from my body to both sides. The strings snapped back and made me feel a little pleasant pain.

I do miss him!

What would he think by staring at me now? Naked. With my special gaze in the eyes.

I went away from the mirror directly into the shower. I turned the water on and made it a little bit warmer than usual. The hot water ran down my body and I imagined him standing in front of me. My imagination and especially my memory showed me his body face to face. This awesome body that makes me feel horny. This attractive body that makes me want to touch him.

I hang the shower head into the socket and made my hair wet. The water ran down my back and drops ran between my buttocks. I turned round and made my front side covered with water.

I miss him so much.

It’s now that I would need him. It’s now that I would love to have his hands touching me everywhere.

I took the shower head and held it down between my legs making me believe him kneeling down in front of me. Looking into my eyes I knew what would be the next step. I was absolutely nervous about that.

My head replaced the shower head with his lovely lips and the pressure of the water began to feel like his tongue pressing and licking my clitoris. My body started trembling… blood in my veins… my mind feeling wild…

It took me only a few minutes wanting to explode…
He makes me crazy even when he’s not around and the thought of his head between my legs makes me wanna sweat immediately.

Being licked never has been a sexual imagination of mine, but since I do know him, I can’t get enough of it.

I will tell you a secret:

He was the first to give me an orgasm by licking me! Thank you for that!

But don’t tell him, it’s my secret!

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  1. Good writing voice. I would love to hear what you would do to his body.



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