17. September 2017

Fresh bread

The formula is always easy. You only have to find one that fits to your bleongings and then you start buying the ingredients. Sometimes you have to go to several stores before you get everything you want. Not every store has Weinstein baking powder, and many people do not even know what the hell it is.

I wanted to make fresh bread. I proceeded as described. I had one advantage: I knew exactly what I wanted to have. Or rather I did exactly know what I did not want to have. But the more precise your idea is, the more difficult it gets to find it. And as long as you believe that there is something exactly like you want it, you don’t settle for anything else.

I made use of an app. The app shows you a lot of ingredients just stocked in the shops nearby. You can choose by swiping. If you doze the image of the ingredient left, you don’t want to have it, if you doze the image of the ingredient right, you are signalizing that you are interestet to get to know the substance of content.

For my fresh bread, I already dozed some images right. There have been much to many ingredients with flavor enhancer, too many with food colorant or with antidegradants. I already thought I would have a lactose intolerance. But then I was stuck at one special ingredient. It showed promise. And it showed a lot of it. The other ingredients did not interest me anymore. Not at all. The only problem was that the store was – respectively is – far far away. And if this would not be penalty enough, it will get even more far to reach the store in the future, because it moves from one canton to another. And everybody knows: the Switzerland is an expensive pavement. Sometimes you pay it with cardiac pain. But guess what – now I get it! – the way is worth it!

I baked some fresh bread today. I never used to like doing the cooking or baking thing, but till now I did not have the suitable ingredient. And without the suitable ingredient, the bread never will succeed. Without yeast, the dough never swells. For me it was not difficult to find yeast, you can find it in every store you enter. But for my bread it took me a special ingredient, the thing that made the bread extraordinary and delicious.

I was searching this secret ingredient all my life. No bread ever succeeded. The ones I baked did not taste good. Not even with Nutella on it.

Perhaps I did not have enough passion for being a housewife, perhaps I was not concentrated enough while cooking. Perhaps there never has been enough fire to heat the meat.

I finally arrived. The bread I made today is absolutely perfect, it tastes absolutely delicious and I can’t stop eating.

Do you want to know the secret ingredient that will make all the meals so easily succeed?

I tell it to you: it is LOVE.

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