I used to love people. I used to be tolerant to all their problems and to all their belongings. I was loved by everyone. I talked to everyone.

Now I am sick of them. I am so fucking sick of them that it sometimes hurts. I don’t want to talk to anybody anymore.

What did change?

It’s me.

Choosing the honest way and telling people what you think always seemed the desirable path to go. Now that I am, I seem to scandalize everywhere. The path is so full of stones now. Where did they all come from?

Looks like no one wants to hear the truth. I always thought that it’s me who is pantywaist, but now I do know better. All the selfish people are. All the people that can’t bear the truth are.

Now I stop searching the fault by myself.

Seems like only my real friends stay – not much – but worth more than a thousand fakes.


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