Cats are strange companions, we never quite know where we stand with them. They are purring creatures and condescending overlords. They do switch their mood within seconds: In a moment they let themselves be caressed with pleasure and show us their vulnerable side, in the other moment, they turn around and bite mercilessly. Without any warning.

I often look at my cat and wonder why I really like her so unconditionally.

Let’s imagine her behavior from another perspective: Lucy would not be a cat anymore, she would be a human being.

At first, she would wake me up at five o’clock in the morning by punshing her hands into my face and shouting loudly into my ear: “Wake up you lazy nut, I’m hungry!” Then she would run in front of me towards the kitchen, just to wait there until I have set her food. Of course it would not be good enough for her and she would look at me with this disappointed gaze, not to have done it right over again.
To every normal person I would say that this is not a musical request programme and that she has to eat what I dine her for free, even if she does not like this. Her behaviour is rude and absolutely out of place.
But as she is a cat in real life, I just look at her and my heart melts…

When I come back from work in the evening, she expects me reproachfully at the door. She has no understanding that I am going to work. She shows no gratitude that I deserve the livelihood for both of us, and even less is she concerned about contributing to the household. And also: I do not care and I still love the small parasite.
In the evening you can not watch TV because Lucy wants to play. She needs someone to entertain her. She runs from A to B and makes a lot of noise. Even at night, she does not stop doing this. If she was a human being, I had her already thrown out of the house. And without a bad conscience.

She can not behave. She messes around her food bowl, she never tidies up and many a time, the thing with the litter box… you know… Close, but no cigar…
Who do you think I am?! A person having a crap just right onto my floor… I would be speechless. What would I think about this? Probably ‘not so great’ is the mildest expression.
That’s not enough, Lucy now goes with the knife towards my couch. She slits it up and down and destroys it unrecognizable, before she goes to the toilet and unwinds the toilet paper roll for the hundredths. I’ve been wiping my butt with fragmented paper for years. But w
hy am I still laughing every time I enter the toilet and see this mess on the floor?

Conclusion: If Lucy could talk, I probably would not like her.

Cats do have their own heads, they are masters of manipulation, they are intelligent and it is impossible to train them (which is probably the biggest difference to a dog). Whoever had already watched a cat chasing a mouse knows: these are predators! They are watching their halfly dead victim running for life, they shove it, let them nearly escape, give the victim some hope, just to destroy it afterwards. And we are still all loyal slaves to these little tyranns.

Cats do whatever they want to do – and they do it whenever they want to do. But why do all the cat-holders let themselves be treaten like this? Why do millions of people let theirselves terrorize by a cat? What do they receive in return? And why are there more and more people holding a cat?

Up to twelve and a half millions of cats are living in Germany, street cats are not counted there. Cats have overturned dogs in their degree of esteem. Or rather in occurrence. Cat holders spend up to two billions of money every year for cat food, punnets and cat toys. Tendency in all areas (completely unaffected by crises, economic activity and demography): rising. While the germans are getting less and less, their cats are getting more and more.

But everyone who already had a cat knows about the joy they bring, even when they’re being obnoxious. This sweet purring calming your soul down, these omniscient eyes watching you, their tender skin you like to touch.  They know how to obtain food without labor, shelter without confinement and love without penalties. Cats seem to go on the principle that it never does any harm to ask for what you want. And they only take what they need. Cats are individualists. Cats are as we would like to be: sociable, but independent, self-determined and, in principle, peaceful. Ready to fight, but only from own conviction. Not willing to jump over a cane just because someone asks for it.

They bring serenity, caring and humor into life. They change ‘coming home into an empty house‘ into ‘coming home’. The fact, that a cat in the lap, lowers the blood pressure is proved in any case, and the purring of a cat makes bone fractures heal faster due to the frequency of the sound waves.

You learn a lot for life through such a cat. Tolerance, for example. That you cannot buy affection, and should not chase the luck, because otherwise it will run away. One learns that giving is more blessed than taking, and to put a good face on the matter, you learn also.

The love to a cat often lasts for a lifetime and is not easy to understand, just as real love is usually not understood. And in the end, I am even more egoistic than my cat is, because I keep her at home for my happiness.


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