Trutg dil Flem Switzerland

The Trutg-dil-Flem is marked several times (SIA – Schweizerisches Ingenieur- und Architekten-Verein, Prix Nando) and now manifested as the best hiking trail of Switzerland. I made this trail last week and I was impressed by this beautiful nature and its sight to behold. The Flem is a tributary of the Vorderrhein of about 16 kilometers based in the canton of Graubünden, Switzerland.

First of all I want to show you the map I will be talking about so that you are able to orientate yourself.

At the left side, you got the whole map and the other one is an excerpt of it, showing only the hiking trail Trutg-dil-flem.

The trip started at Flims Dorf, where we took the chairlift in two stages up to Naraus. The lift takes about 20 minutes and on halfway, you have to change the seats in Foppa, from where you are also able to do a part of the hiking trail. On top, the view is already stunning:


From 1.842 meter above sea level, we began hiking up to round about 2.100 meter above sea level. It took us about an hour on a beautiful trail (easy to walk) to reach our first stage – the Segnesboden. On the way, we saw some bikers doing the bike trail (which must be quite recommended), and a few paragliders. There must be an upper and a lower Segensboden, we arrived at the lower one:

Even if you are regularly on the upper and lower Segnesboden, you will each time have a different sight. Because the watercourses in the two elevations constantly change their course, so that the flatmoor, which occupies about half of this flooded ground, constantly forms new patterns and new lakes arising and disappearing again.

From this point you can see the wonderful Tschingel-Hörner, and an impressive waterfall. The Tschingel-Hörner are the nine peaks you see behind the snowball. They are part of the Glarner “Hauptüberschiebung” (main shift) and occured when, due to plate tectonics, an older, elevated layer of rock pushed 40 kilometers to the north over a younger rock layer.

Unfortunately, you can’t see the Martinsloch on this pics, but I think you have to visit it. Every March and October, the sun shines through the 22 meter high and 19 meter wide rock window for a few minutes on the church tower of Elm. So this is my reason to come back again, and this is not the only reason. Also the waterfall shows it’s strength and sometimes, you can see attractive men doing their workout there:

Not far from this, there is a little hut. You are able to eat and drink something and by the way: This is the first possibility for us women to get on a toilet. The whole hiking trail hasn’t got many trees until here. We got a hot chocolate – yummy – and an amazing view:

There are seven little bridges to walk over along the hiking trail. They are called Oberste, Pilzfelsen, Verweilbrücke, Tarschlims, Punt da Max (you start here if you get off the lift at Foppa), Wasserfall and Muletg.


For me as an animal lover, more beautiful than the nature were the happy cows. You will cross some cow paddocks during your walk. There, it’s not us who are the boss, but these animals are. Like my friend said:

It’s their territory and we are only visitors.

All the animals on earth should have the possibility to live a life like this – species-appropriate and in their natural environment. Well done Swiss!

Artistic bridges, spectacular canyon landscapes! You have to watch it yourself to understand. And even more than watching pictures, you should definitely see it with your own eyes. Because some beauty never can be caught up by the lense of a camera.

Time for the whole trip: round about 5 hours.

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