10. November 2017

Not my world

This is not my world I live in. I feel like I do not belong here. The days are blurred in front of my eyes and I only work.

 Every day the same cloudy soup.

I get up in the morning and have no desire for the day. All the ass-creepers, bootlickers and Yes-Sayers are annoying me. Everybody thinks he is important, everyone pours on oil on his own body and no one can admit even a small mistake.  They are all spoiled and seemingly overloaded with work and filled with business.

I walk through the rows and see in the screens alternately youtube videos, current offer pages or just – at least halfway useful – flashing a newspaper article.
Of course, they go to great lengths to click down private web pages when someone comes around and sees it, only to drown again in the non-existent sweaty occupation.

Collegiality? Wrong!

You have air for more? We’re a team, so I say it out. And for what? To be the asshole afterwards, buzzing up the whole business while others are leaning back comfortably in the five-hundred-euro office chairs with extra-ergonomic features, complaining that the awesome air-conditioning system blows down a one-degree-to-cold air. Working conditions like in the prewar period, you can not expect the poor staff to concentrate here! But the new solution already was invented:

Home office!

Home office is not the synonym for working at home, but the synonym for having full-paid holidays. Of course, why did not you think of it first? Now you do not get sick anymore and get to the doctor catching an attest. It’s much more simple now: You just stay at home. Without any extra effort.

The air in the office is not good for the respiratory system, and voilà, as social as the employer is here, one or the other may conveniently “work” from home, while people like me take over the rest of the business.

That for some doings apparently 20 hours a day are needed, in fact, one single person is  already done at 9 o’clock in the morning with it: No one checks for plausibility.

And the salary? Absolutely underpaid. A moan and murmur with each salary payment and generally all people here (who belong even in Germany to the upper class), they have to gnaw more or less of subsistence, just because they are booking this year just 3 instead of 4 times a vacation.

No matter, to relax after the half-time of the working day, there is luckily the lunch break.

We have three canteens and about 4 meals a day per canteen. It is provided for vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters, but also that seems not good enough. Humans simply need something to complain about: No, the food is not only bad in terms of taste, but also way too expensive! On the other hand, I can assure the food tasting great and that you would never eat more cheaply outside on the free market than here. But that too, seems like a matter of taste.

But we are still far from being finished with the gripe. After all, there is still enough potential, which in contrast to the efficiency in the store still has to be exhausted.

The toilets are apparently dirty, the coffee kitchens poorly equipped and the light in the workplace was not sufficient despite floor-to-ceiling fresh-cleaned windows. The desks are decidedly too small with a span of more than 1.60 meters, and otherwise the entire workplace is a complete impertinence!

Pampered and over the years just got pushed too much in the butt. Every single one. Lazy to vomit, make each sloth the biggest competitor. By doing nothing for years, even the last brain cells of the coworkers are fooled, and independent thinking has been a much missed asset for years.

Everything is done that has to be done, but only because it’s been always done like this. Efficiency and improvement is strictly and consistently rejected, because of innovations being the biggest fear. Everyone is only concerned about their own well-being and the word ‘team’ is only a word that one says, because they do not know another name for this constellation.

So day by day, the good-natured are exploited, exploited and even stupid, while the wrong ones are promoted. Vitamin A is everything, work is nothing. After all, it does not count what you do, but only the amount of oil that you pour down over yourself so that you can shine beautifully in front of the executives. They, in turn, do not look behind the facade, because most of them are busy booking their private holidays and counting their money – there is no time for leadership. You have to understand that!

Most importantly, they carry their briefcases back and forth (usually only a newspaper and an apple are in it) and run from one hollow meeting to the next. There, unnecessary stuff is being talked about and discussed, only to be able to tell at the end of the day without result and totally done at home, how terribly important it was again today. Because not only at work the appearance is to be respected, no, even at home it is simply much better, if one is the most important man in the store, which without actually the next day all pillars would collapse.

We are being educated to a spoiled lazy pack without any values or pride. The one who crawls best and sells his soul, wins the highest price.

And whoever can not crawl, as I do, because my mother has given me her Italian pride, crawls home at the end of the day and ends his nerves.

And do you know what annoys me most? That I am already trapped with one foot in this machinery. I’ve become way too comfortable myself to change anything about my situation.

Although I know that I can not leave it as it is now.

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  2. […] work every day in a place where hundreds of people are living aimlessly, unemployed and lazy. This is not my world! It’s slowly driving me so crazy that I’m getting sick of it. I can not even look at […]



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