12. November 2017

Look, don’t touch!

She wore that trademark skirt

that showed off her legs,

so ridiculously short but somehow was the best,

at showing off her figure

and making peoples heads turn,

his blood was boiling hot enough to burn,

he whispered in her ear

how hot she looked,

she smiled at him and said

‚I like this look

it gets me all the attention I feel I need

but don’t think you will get me under your sheets,

it’s just for show,

so don’t you go,

thinking it’s an invite

because that’s a no go,

it’s merely to show off my long slender legs

which by the way I know are the best,

I wear it to show how good my body is

I work hard you know

to get this fit,

so why wouldn’t I want to show it to the world

but it’s not a invite

I am not that sort of girl.

I don’t mind an admiring glance,

I don’t mind you watching my moves when I dance,

I don’t mind you thinking fantasy thoughts

but like my skirt I will cut you short

if you try forcing yourself on me

and believe I could put you on knees,

with my martial arts mastery,

so don’t go thinking,

I may go shrinking,

if you try and dominate and pressure me,

that’s not me and I don’t care who you are,

I will beat you down and throw you out of this bar,

if you try to man handle or put unwanted moves on me.‘

He was stunned by someone looking so sweet,

so sublime and looking innocently,

as she recited those words where she would beat him down,

she kept on smiling the was no malice or no frown,

just a statement of fact that she could put him down,

you could not say she was being a tease,

she spells it out so easily and so clearly

enjoy looking at me by all means but don’t go thinking you can touch!


(original post from fauxcroft)

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