The Story of Clytie and Apollo isn’t finished with Clytie becoming a flower. Do you want to know what happened afterwards?

The first love of the sun god Apollo is a story that does not end with a happy ending. First lovestories rarely do that. This is no different with magnificent sun gods.

Daphne, the daughter of Peneus was the desire of Apollon. Not because there was any reason, he loved her irresistibly, but because the arrow of Amor (Greek: Eros) had met him. And that was how it came about: Apollo, in his not infrequent arrogance, mocked the childish cupid:

What do you need, boisterous boy, brave weapons? These things you carry fit our shoulders, which we can inflict safe wounds on the game, inflict on the enemy we have just killed with countless arrows the python that bloated with. You have to be happy with your torch, I do not know what to love, and do not claim our fame. “

But with that Apollo had hurt the pride of the boy Cupid. And now had the consequences to bear. Cupid answered the proud Apollo:

Even your bow, Phoebus, can hit anything that mine will hit you, and how much all sentient beings are after a god, so much less is your glory than mine.”

Immediately he took one of his dreaded golden arrows from his quiver and shot him at Apollo. Without the chance of salvation, Apollo had flared with the arrow in fierce love for the nymph Daphne. The arrows of the Cupid knew no mercy. But that was not enough, Cupid fired a second dart at Daphne. But this arrow was not made of gold, but of lead. He did not cause love to the victim, but defense or even hatred.

Full of fear Daphne escapes from the advertising words of Apollo. The fiercer Apollo she desires, the faster Daphne escapes. Apollo sees her fiery eyes gleaming, like the stars, he sees her lips, which, having seen, does not suffice, he praises her fingers and hands and arms and the more than half-naked upper arms.

And Daphne, on the other hand, flees faster than the slight breath of air and does not stop at the words that he calls to her:

Woe to me that love can not be cured by any herbs, and that the arts do not benefit their master, they do benefit everyone!

Daphne leaves with Apollo also his unfinished words behind. The winds revealed the body, and the oncoming skies made the robes turn, and a slight breeze made the moving hairs blow. The escape made her beauty even bigger.

Now Apollo begins to hunt the longed-for beauty. Daphne runs faster and faster until, exhausted, she knows only one thing: to ask her father to transform her:

Help Father, if you rivers have a divine nature! Destroy the figure by metamorphosis, by which I am greatly pleased! “

As soon as Daphne had expressed this wish, her beautiful form began to transform. The leaves grew to leaves, the branches to branches; the foot, just as nimble, sticks to tenacious roots, the treetop takes on the face. What’s left of Daphne is a beautiful laurel tree.

Also Apollo loves this tree, he kisses his branches and leaves. Even now the leaves are giving way.

To always have his love with him, he explains the laurel wreath to his sanctuary. He adorns himself with it and always carries it with him.

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