No other one is responsible for your sense of happiness, and you aren’t able to hold another one accountable for your misfortune. Be aware that they can find happiness only for themselves. You can find happiness only for yourself!

Take your life into your own hands and program your thoughts, your mind, to happiness. Self-realization is not a dirty word, but a life task. Take action, take responsibility. Take the strength to be you!

You shoud risk what nobody else does. Say loud what nobody else says. Think what nobody else dares to think. Lead the things nobody starts!

The opportunity we are waiting for is already there. If you justify why you haven’t done this or that yet, you will certainly come up with all sorts of reasons to apologize for your passivity. It is very popular to put forward the wait for the right opportunity. In some cases, there is still a lack of opportunity to act, but often the only thing missing is the will. But you do have a big influence on that.

To swim against the current requires strength, courage and endurance. Do not think too much about having these skills. Try it instead! You will find that there are also many positive sides to oppose the general opinion: especially the feeling of happiness to go your own way.

Be yourself and let nobody change the way you like yourself! Because who is there in the end? It’s only you! So be sure to find yourself there when you need it!

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