kick me
29. November 2017

Kick me!

My phone always shows me a list of interesting articles in the morning, which might be interesting for me. In the train to work I read these mostly. This morning I wished I had not done it, but maybe it’s another kick in the butt I need so badly.

There was an article on how a human tormented a dog to death. I could not finish reading the article and once again wondered how meaningless that is what I do every day. I drive to work, rolling paper from one side to the other and in the evening I drive home…

Without a sense of achievement and completely without an act that changes the world positively. Except maybe the fact, that the colleagues can lean back relaxed while I am making the idiot doing their job completely alone. And this idiot called myself also feeds the monkeys with home-made cookies.

Wouldn’t it be better to do something for animal welfare? Wouldn’t it be much better to torture the guy in the newspaper article as well? So he’ll see how that is. What the hell happens in such peoples mind?

That’ll keep me busy all day, because somehow I’ve just gotten too much empathy.

Today I will light a little candle for the puppy and I am further strengthened in the thought that I have to change something.

I want to change the world positively and I want the world to change with me, not only when I can not live it anymore. I want to help those who can not do it for themselves.

Kick me! 

I already waited too long on the same spot.

Kick me forward!

Please kick me!

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