I look through the scratched disc of the lift and see the white tree tops of the tall firs. They are

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http://mb.ntd.tv/inspiring/pets/this-kitten-was-deemed-too-ugly-for-adoption-until-someone-saw-him-differently.html One more prove that real beauty comes from the inside and that our society nowadays really sucks!

Is it a no, or is it a yes? Am I only one in a row, or is it paid with success? What was their impression, is their sympathy mine? Was it good expression or do they decline? I showed up motivation, my power and skills, I proved my dedication, not only to pay up […]

Is it still a good deed, if you just do it because you want to talk about it? The board of management of our company have once again doused with oil. There is no get-together at Christmas this year as every year, no, this year there is a get-together to talk about our good deed. They baked […]