1. December 2017


What will life after death be like? Should one even ask this question? I’m sure it has a reason why we do not know that. And I am sure that we will find out the day of our death.

I always imagine this as follows:

We leave our body, we are free, and hovers. Above the things. Above everything! The idea of ​​being Omniscient at my death makes the thought of dying easier for me.

People used to think that the earth is a disk. Today we know better! But is not today the ancient times of the future?

I’m sure we’re all stupid. Nobody really understands Einstein’s theory of relativity. Einstein maybe, but he is not here. Are we already? What do we already know about all the things the world offers us?

It’s one thing to discover the underwater world and see things that are hidden from many people. But it’s another thing, just not seeing things. Because we are too stupid for that. Blind! But how do you stop to see more? Where does it have to click to make us understand? What are we here for? And who am I? Who are you? (When nobody’s watching) ?

One thing I say to you, before neither my body nor myself die completely, I would like to have an answer to this question. To all these questions!

Wouldn’t it be unfair if I stayed stupid? I do not know much and I do not want to know everything! I know how to love! Loving with all my heart! And I love what I do! At least on a personal level!

Nevertheless, the world is alien to me, and I want the answers to my questions. Or is the word ‘question’ no longer available after death? A question would be obsolete if you knew everything. Then there will be no more words. You will not need them any more, because having a conversation would also be obsolete.

I would already know what you want to tell me. And much more, I would know what you think.

Honesty! Transparency!

And certainly with millions of broken hearts!

Maybe the answer lies in our dreams.

Good night!

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