5. December 2017

How does it feel?

How does it feel?

I try to take it consciously and to feel every single stimulation of my nerves for myself.

In my mind, I picture what it’s like… but it’s a thousand times better. It feels like it has to be, just like it has to feel, exactly like that. It’s warm and it’s nice and it just tastes wonderful.

If you love someone, it feels a million times better. I can not describe what’s great about it, but it feels like it’s everywhere. Not only where the lips meet, but on the whole body it is pleasantly warm and I feel safe.

Nothing else happens to me around. It would also be completely no matter what else happens. A kiss is a trigger.

For a moment, time doesn’t seem to exist.

It’s suddenly not just my lips anymore… Not what you think now! It’s not always about the one thing! It is, as if my body suddenly no longer consist of individual parts, but is finally whole. Somehow you suddenly feel completely and I just want to taste this wonderful scent of warm skin.

But it’s only a few seconds and then our lips separate.

His hands are holding my head, I look into these deep eyes being a phenomenon to me.

Daaaaaamn, I’m so smitten with this attractive man firing my imagination!

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