little talks
8. December 2017

Little talks

I never used to think, that it would be so good, just to have someone to talk to. It has happened to me twice this week and I am grateful to have had someone to share my joy or sorrow.

Do we want to start with the good news or the bad news? So, both are good news, because I found someone to pour out my heart. But one was filled with joy and the other with suffering. Fortunately, suffering here is a very exaggerated term, because I do expect never to suffer – except for heartache – in my life. At least not as much as other people or animals need to do in their agonizing life.

Let’s start with the bad news:

I work every day in a place where hundreds of people are living aimlessly, unemployed and lazy. This is not my world! It’s slowly driving me so crazy that I’m getting sick of it. I can not even look at these people normally anymore, I go nuts!
And today I met an external colleague who sees things the same way as me. She too can not understand that this system works. She too can not understand why executives prefer to avoid conflicts and thus curb the good workers rather than confronting the bad. We talked for almost an hour and it just worked well. That such people still do exist was like a revelation to me today. Thank you for listening, you made my day!

And then the week finally came the good news:

Whether it is as good as it sounds, I do not know. But that’s not the point. I had applied for a job and here was finally the feedback that I should introduce myself. I was so happy and exuberant, and I wanted to scream out into the world according to my nature, how happy I am.

…Unfortunately, nobody was there at all. I come home in the evening and the apartment is empty. My cat is happy when she gets food, but in this case she does not really serve as a substitute for a conversation partner.
I wanted to call a lot of people and just let them know. My first choice, I did not try. My second choice, as always, was lost in work and therefore had no time. My third choice just did not answer my call.
So I sat at home and already started not to be happy anymore. What is joy if you can not share it? I do not know it but to share. And what does life have in mind if you do not?
And then a phone call came out of the blue.
Rocks are always there. Sometimes they get a little sanded by the surf, but they’ll still be there in a hundred years. And I’m grateful for that.

Shared joy is double joy, shared suffering is half suffering.

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