Only once would I like to do what I like to do. What would it be like to wake up in the morning, having joy to go to work today? What would it feel like, not to waste important time and a lot of nerves?

We talk about green IT, conserve resources and climate change. But why do we always relate these points only to our environment? Why don’t we start with ourselves?

Green IT: Why aren’t we environmentally friendly to ourselves too? Eating healthy, no more throwing away the food, no longer living in abundance!

Save resources: Just do not lose one’s nerves at work, do not get in a lather about so many things. Let the lazy ass-creepers do it, do not worry about what they do. Or what they aren’t doing.

Climate change: Do not indulge in this downward spiral. Do not just keep going like before. Realize the change, grab it and do not make the same mistake as me. I keep telling myself that changing things is not that easy. The good salary you get used to… A standard of living that one would like to keep. My excuse, which I push forward, and even for true hold.

But is dissatisfaction a standard of living to be held? Or am I just lying to myself, inadvertently watching climate change?

I hope you have more courage than me.
I get up now and go to my hamster wheel.

Have a pretty nice day, I envy the brave among you!

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