15. December 2017

Missed you!

As I have missed you, I had long forgotten how great you are. I look at you and know that you are worth every sin. At this moment I do not care what it makes me. I do not think about the consequences. It will definitely have some! I do not care.

My lips slowly move closer and closer to you. I can already breathe your sweet scent and try to pick up every single particle of it.
It will happen the same, it will cause the same happiness as always. A feeling that I have far too rarely from you.

If all else fails, then you are there for me. You ask no questions and I have nothing to tell. My mouth has no time for it.

Full of greed I fall on you, and at the same moment there is this explosion.

My God how I missed you beloved Nutella!

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  1. I made Nutella waffles recently, and despite the fact I am not a fan (My daughter is in love with the stuff), I gotta say . . they were pretty dang tasty.



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