15. December 2017

vulnerable strength

I can not describe it. It’s such a thing that you do not see with your eyes. That’s just another feeling. It’s just there, everything where it belongs. The shadow forms a perfect line, from the neck to the shoulder, and makes the muscles stand out even more clearly. It is this hollow on the clavicle that attracts my attention. The veins that pump blood into the vigorous living body. They do stand out easily. I can not describe why, but for me, it’s pure eroticism. It’s vulnerable, it’s the most important connection between this attractive body and this smart head. Together, they form a perfect unit that just makes me faint. Maybe it’s just the thought of it, the vulnerable body here bursting with strength. The sturdy neck, the strong shoulders and to perfection those strong arms that hold me. With every movement the shadow falls differently and my eyes follow movements, they fascinate me and I can not get enough of seeing what I see. I will never get enough. I would like to kiss the shadows, kiss the life! Now I feel my own blood too. It is not the type of injury that is bleeding. It is rather the extent of my ribcage. My heart. I feel my body trying to squeeze more blood through it out of excitement and happiness hormones. That’s it again, that exhilaration shadow envelops me, I close my eyes and I am somewhere else. Finally somewhere else. Finally where I do belong! Vulnerable and strong. 

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