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Is it still a good deed, if you just do it because you want to talk about it?

The board of management of our company have once again doused with oil. There is no get-together at Christmas this year as every year, no, this year there is a get-together to talk about our good deed. They baked Christmas cookies and they are selling them today. The proceeds will go to an organization that cares for street children and homeless people. In itself, I think that’s great. It is a good idea. Helping is always a good idea.

But do I have to order extra for a photographer for tons of money, who photographed and documented the whole thing down to the smallest detail?
Alone the money for these photos could make more sense being spent for the children.

But nowadays nobody does anything without getting a return. No one cares seriously for the poor and needy. This becomes only interesting when you get praise and recognition for it.

The cookies are personally sold by the board. You can not see any of them all year round. The infantry never seems to care. Only when you come for it in the press, you can go down to the mob.

Christmas, the time of charity and good deeds.

I’m sorry, but that’s not a good thing for me. It is not enough, if it is meant well only to the outside. It is not enough if it is only about the money of a company. It is not enough if the donation does not hurt a little. The board of management does not care about the money, is not deducted from their salary. Although there would be guaranteed pretty much and enough potential.

Sorry, but there is no recognition from me!

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