21. December 2017

Was it enough?

Is it a no,
or is it a yes?
Am I only one in a row,
or is it paid with success?

What was their impression,
is their sympathy mine?
Was it good expression
or do they decline?

I showed up motivation,
my power and skills,
I proved my dedication,
not only to pay up the bills.

I was absolutely me,
so honest and true,
this is like I always be
my whole life through.

So I told them also my weakness
and hoped to suffice,
They will get a package of uniqueness
not only a slice.

My job now's frustrating,
so I really hope for this chance.
It's a torture awaiting,
I would like to enhance.

I am afraid of the decision,
what if it's not me?
Because I hope that my vision
of good work you will see.

But if I get it,
then how do I know,
if really I do fit
in there from tip to toe?

It's me who has to find out
and it's them to descry,
what I am all about,
I'm sure they won't deny.

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