29. December 2017

Where love falls…

I look through the scratched disc of the lift and see the white tree tops of the tall firs. They are

covered with snow and the long branches bend under the weight of the white load. From time to time you can see an iced pine cone, but these seem to have a hard time in this cold weather.
I do not know where to look first, the scenery is so beautiful. My eyes follow the long, powerful steel ropes down the valley, and the one cottage looks prettier than the other. They are small wooden houses in this typical Swiss style. They suggest a warm and good feeling in this cold to have a roof over your head. The roads and paths to these accommodations are barely visible. Everything is white and dazzles. But it is also much better to sit in the evening in front of a warm stove and to end the evening with a glass of wine, than to go outside in the snow. These are the cozy days where you can finally switch off and take your life lightly.

The elevator is quiet and nobody talks. The silence is lovely and I just love to spend the days here on vacation.
The gondola makes a mechanical noise on each pillar and rattles over the gears. Shortly after, it is quiet again and you only hear the soft whistling of the wind. It’s cold, but it’s this chilling cold that gives the area that unique magic.

Arriving at the top there’s stress again, when all the tourists take their boards and skis together and get out of the gondola.
But what you see at the top compensates for the warm clothes, the cold and the expensive ski pass.
The mountain seems to be glittering and when the sun shines on the slopes at this pretty angle, it’s as if there are diamonds everywhere. It glitters and on the horizon you can see the many other big mountains. They rise like giants on the horizon and the sunbeams kiss their peaks. A curtain of clouds hangs halfway up and suddenly you get the feeling you’re high above the clouds, much higher than the 2200 meters above sea level. The air is fresh and clean, so very different from the crowded cities where I unfortunately spend too much time.
The cold wind whistles my nose and hurts a bit in the face. But it is nice and makes me awake.
I want to capture this wonderful view and try different photos. But you can not capture that feeling and I have to admit that I find it far more beautiful here than I initially wanted to admit. Now a hot chocolate that warms from the inside, pressing your cold hands to the hot cup.

Where love falls …

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  1. Wow, your posts really are awesome. Good stuff.


  2. Capture the images you like, they are probably going to be liked by others. Cheers, Nice post

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