7. January 2018


I have a view, you’ll never forget it again. So beautiful, words are not enough for that. I’m lucky because I do not have to hurry, I do not have to do anything to be meaningful.

The woods are on the horizon, like waves over the land. They take me with them as if we were related. I run here and breathe quietly so as not to disturb all that. To go unnoticed for a while to all, to belong to all. Here I am connected with me. Here I live in myself. Running under the big old trees.

I succeed for seconds to free me from all. From everything. Here my fear is gone, here I am alone with myself.
I’m lost in the big green. Here just to be.

Silently, a falcon pulls its course in the distance, only once to fly as he does, in fall without falling.

I put everything what I feel above everything that I know. I am at home in my home, the circle closes here.

If none of billions of stones resembles another, why do I have doubts about my uniqueness?
Out here, I find more than I can ever give. I’m so alive, I’m not scared of dying myself. Here I am connected with me, here I live in myself.

Home is where the heart is.

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