Other ways
10. January 2018

Other ways…

You want to go, I prefer to jump, when you talk, I want to sing, You hit roots, I have to fly, we hushed the silence around us.
Where has the love gone?
I feel young and you are old, so we fall over, we are missing the support. We have to move on, I’m for it, you are against it. We go in other ways.
We are a deadlocked ritual, that burns more and more. And I’m not asking anymore what connects us or separates us. Because I know, we continue in a circle. We have to breathe, grow again, until the old shells burst. And where we meet ourselves, let’s fall into the middle of life.
We go in other ways.

I’ll give you free,
I will love you,
It has remained a part of you.

Free yourself.

My heart beats faster than yours,
They do not beat like one anymore.
We shine brighter alone,
Maybe it has to be that way…

Has to be…

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