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22. January 2018

Dear Mr. Santa

Dear Mr. Santa,

I know that you are currently on your well-deserved vacation, so I’m really sorry I need to bother you. Believe me, if it was not important, I would not turn to you.
I have a wish that only you can fulfill, because the desire is just as unreal and impossible as you are.

There is somebody I do like very much. I believe that this is the one I was waiting for all my life. That does not happen often during a lifetime.
But still, this would not be unusual at first. It happens every day, everywhere in the world. Just not for me yet. I once thought so, but unfortunately that was not the right thing. But this time I would like to be that I am not mistaken. That I’m right with what I feel. And so I have one special wish, you have to satisfy it urgently, because I want so much that it works.

Could you please make sure that the continental plates shift, so that Switzerland is much closer to Germany? So about 300 kilometers would be fine. Of course, I would be happy even with 200 kilometers.
That would make it a lot easier and make me a lot happier. In addition, it would be much easier then, because no one would have to oscillate anymore.
Even if one moves the 300 kilometers to the other one, somebody always has to oscillate. It is a fallacy that the driving around has an end when you move together. The family of one is always farther away than it is from the other.
And that’s why I have the perfect solution that you need to implement for me!

Please move the continental plates. It would be nice if we had sea and beach on one side and then on the other side of the collapsed mountain some snow and a ski area.

Of course, we are only at the end of January and it is still going on longtime until Christmas.
I just thought that you certainly need a certain lead to implement my wish. It sure needs some planning for such a big project.

I hope you receive my letter on your holiday and that you even think about it.

Thank you and see you at Christmas,

Your Bini.

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