Today is the time!
Today is the time for change!
Today is the time for change in my mind!
Today is the time for a change in my mind with more self-confidence!

Every day we do have the chance to make a good day or a bad day out of the day. Of course, outside influences partly determine what happens, but the right attitude to everything makes the day a loss of valuable time. or for a profit all along the line.

Most people do not think about their inner attitude. They only react to external influences and thereby transfer control of their situation to others. But how you feel determines your life! And you should decide for yourself. It’s you holding the pen.

I checked my attitude this morning while getting up. How have I behaved in the past few days and what inner attitude was responsible? Were my thoughts full of anger, fear or blame? Was my attitude the result of an event that I can not control myself? My attitude usually reflects on me. If I am negative, that will be expressed in many mishaps. Why are so many things going wrong on Friday the 13th? Because some people start the day with this attitude. Everybody knows that. As a rule, we fulfill our own expectations. I can influence my quality of life with my attitude! The good news is – and that’s part of the first step: I realized this at least!

How many times a day am I grateful for the beautiful things in my life? Am I happy that I’m healthy? That I have wonderful and good friends? How often do I stop to enjoy the magical moments in my life?

When was the last time I celebrated myself when I reached a goal? The answer is: never!

This is partly because of my lack of self-confidence, partly because I see myself the worse than I am. I put my light permanent under the bushel. I’ve achieved so many things that others dream of, and yet I feel not good enough, to celebrate myself. I have to start to value myself more. If I wake up alone on Sundays, then I’m too frugal to get fresh bread at the bakery in the morning. I do that for others with passion. I love it when others smile with their eyes because there is a good breakfast, or else I can do something good for them. Only for myself, I would never operate the effort. But why?

I should start to value myself more. To see myself as much as a friend as I am to myself. I am always there for myself, why shouldn’t I also make myself happy?

There are so many things that I can be thankful for. All I have to do is open my eyes to notice them, or to see them more clearly.


Look at what you have, not at what is missing.

Gratitude is the counterpart to stress and anxiety. With such an attitude, I can release an incredible amount of positive power.

Successful people expect more from life. They assume that they will experience more successes than failures. Simply said: expect the best! Starting today, I want to wake up every day with such a positive self-expectation. I will try to. Maybe this healthy optimism will make things work out to my favor. With such an attitude, I will radiate more success and I can influence positively how the other people are going to see me.

And then someday it will not matter to me, if other women are super attractive, because I will appreciate my own value again, and just do not hide behind all the others.

I will be happy with myself, because the most important relationship I lead is with myself.

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