The devil has many faces and each person has their own idea of him or her. To simplify the spelling, my devil is male, although I’m sure it could be just as good a woman. Sometimes he is hidden even in small children or other characters. The devil can take any shape for those who believe in him or otherwise see him somewhere. Does he even exist? I’m sure he’s in a lot of details, although I can not really believe that he embodies this typical image that is always drawn.
This classic red figure with the two horns and the evil trident …

For me, the devil is mostly in the persons themselves. The heartless people, who manage without any compassion to torture poor helpless animals, these are the real monsters. But a monster can also be the own mind that forces us to think what drives us crazy. That’s why we stopped checking for monsters under our bed: we realized they were inside us!

So, I was often afraid of strange creatures waiting for me in the closet and trying to do me harm. Today, I make a big head about trifles and often destroy my self-confidence. I get obsessed with the negative thoughts – it’s as if I’m obsessed with the devil himself and then he whispers softly into my ear:

“You can not withstand the storm!”

Then he laughs in that sneer and mischievous way, while he squints his eyes in amusement and holds his stomach.

Today I have finished reading a book that a very special person gave me for my birthday. A person who makes me realize every single day, how beautiful and carefree life can be. Ironically, it is called “The cat of the Dalai Lama“, so you could even close on a religious background.

In it I read that lack of self-confidence in Buddhism is equated with laziness. Those who do not work on themselves and do something to be great, are simply lazy.
This realization hit me like a flash today. Because it is true. It is much easier to moan than to do something about it. It is the wrong way to not trust yourself permanently. It is wrong to feel smaller and smaller than everyone else. On the other hand, you have to look for the right way. You have to actively take a few steps and keep going. I’m on my way and even if I would like to run, even small steps are an advantage and a progress.

Soon I will know better and then I will kiss the devil’s lips and whisper in his ear:

“I am the storm!”

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