14. February 2018

a sunrise and a kiss

It’s not often that I have to stop because I am just totally fascinated.

But from time to time, nature reminds me that one should make good use of the day.

Sunrise …

The world is at my feet. The sky shines in a thousand colors. I walk between the huge gray fronts of the houses and the bare buildings look dull and boring. Of course, they are built in a modern style, and yet they are concrete bunkers that emit cold.

But then the sun rises and between the houses you can see the warm embers rise, which is expressed in a mixture of yellow and red. It is impossible to describe the colors in mere words. It’s just beautiful. It is a cone of light that leaps up between the gray walls and becomes brighter and brighter, until it turns from white into a beautiful clear blue. It’s freezing cold, as are the buildings. But the sun lets you forget that and the cold makes the sky so clear and wide. He suggests that the world is open to you today. It’s a new day and you have to use it. You have to use the day like you should every single day. The whole world is open to me and I have so many opportunities that I almost feel sad to be working normally.

I stay for five minutes and watch the drama, take a picture, while the other passers-by stare at me. They have no eye for it, they sit with their heads already in the next senseless meeting and roll a piece of rainforest from one side to the other while they label it with words so meaningless.

Why am I doing this? Why do I go to work? All possibilities are open to me. The ideas are as broad as the colors of the sky.

To be honest, I can not answer the question. I probably lack the courage to do what I really want. I do not have the flexibility to just throw off old patterns.

I have seen many sunrises and some were even more beautiful than today. It is the nature that kisses us good morning and the others go past her and do not return their kiss. I, however, stretch my face towards her and enjoy the first rays of the day.

Hello World! Hello Mother Nature, thank you for impressing me every day.

I’m looking forward to the sunset…

It’s beautiful to look at the sunset and it is the most beautiful when the sun disappears into the sea and drowns all worries.

In the evening I ask myself what I have achieved. Is it enough? It’s never enough, because what I’ve achieved so far does not change the world. My daily work does not make the world a better place.

Tomorrow before the sun goes down I want to do better. I’m looking forward to see the sun disappear before my eyes in the sea. She will rise for my beloved on the other side of the world with the same dreams and hopes.

I give the sun a kiss on its way: give it to my mother at the other end of the world and say good morning to her – I miss you and my one-and-all.

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