Relativity theory

Space and time, two factors that have been hard-debated since Einstein, and two things that we obviously can not understand despite to state-of-the-art technology and an over-lived computer age.
Should space and time just show us that we want too much and are therefore too stupid to understand it? Similar to the story of people who wanted to build a tower to God. They built him so high that they angered God. He then knocked over the tower, much like a kid with Lego when it gets angry. He scattered people out of trouble in all different directions (now countries) and provided them with different languages so they could not build a tower again…

Chapter one read half drunk while I travel by train through my journey both through space and through time. Conclusion so far: I am absolutely thrilled and I know exactly why the topic has always fascinated me!

I go to Chapter Two soberly and that’s a good thing. Although the book definitely does not require a deeper understanding of mathematics or physics, I still have to focus on the matter of the speed of light. It’s exciting and you immediately ask yourself many questions. Why is seeing so natural for someone who is not blind and why do we not notice this all the time? Can I jog faster than the light from my flashlight? Well, I’m not sure, but suppose I could, what would be proved and then am I blind because I’m jogging too fast to see anything else? Am I racing into the darkness?

The special theory of relativity shows exactly what I always say. If you do not move or work, you will grow old much faster. My father is only at home the whole day and moves the most to smoke on the terrace. He seems terribly old to me. My mother is always on the move, she is both: physical fit and fast as well as with her honest mouth. She ages slower. No wonder she lives in a smaller apartment like my father, because the room is stretchy and shrinks in proportion to the time.

Chapter space time robs me of the nerves with time … It is complicated in the beginning, then becomes more complicated and at the latest with a view to the clock and heavy, tired eyelids, I am then on the last two pages of the chapter but dropped out. It’s great explained, but you should be absolutely in the thing and I can not do it today. This means tomorrow morning a time travel back to the last part of the last chapter and then please let me understand!

Why is it = mc2? Even after reading three times I’m not sure if I understood it …

And why should that mean something to us? If you always wanted to know how atomic energy works and why all of our beautiful stars end up as white dwarfs at some point, this is the place to go … Before the black hole comes.

OK … Now it’s getting too complicated for me …

I’m out!

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