Du weißt, dass hinter den Wäldern blau die großen Berge sind. Und heute nur ist der Himmel grau und die Erde blind. Du weißt, dass über den Wolken schwer die schönen Sterne stehen. Und heute nur ist aus dem goldenen Heer kein Einziger zu sehen. Und warum glaubst du dann nicht auch, dass uns die […]

Budapest opera sun terrace City center

A little more WE and less ME, a little more power and not so squeamish! A little more self-confidence and less fear! And many more flowers during life, because they are in vain on the graves.

Little moments make an hour, little thoughts a book, little seeds a tree or flower, water drops a brook, little deeds of faith and love link the earth to heaven above.

From this day forward, today would be tomorrow, not yesterday. I would not see any skulkers anymore. Sure, nobody asks for trouble, but they all make themselves at home, too comfortable. too resigned. They have to stand up, they forgot how to walk. They need a slap… Here you are, you’re wolcome. Try harder, start! Get up […]

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And she looked up at death as her time dawned… please she said… Just one more life – I promise I’ll be quick.

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