Happy Birthday Loom! This is your personal world Cat Day! World Cat Day is a holiday that may be mildly ridiculed by people outside the internet, people with so-called right problems, or dogs. But that should not stop anyone from celebrating this day properly, especially since it’s a cross-denominational holiday, something potentially peacemaking. But well, we do not have to justify ourselves here anyway, today is the birthday of my cat and we are going to celebrate it!

Cats do what most people would like to do, but never succeed. They sleep most of the day, always look perfect, they never do anything of mischievous politeness and can lick their own genitals. Cats have an exemplary lifestyle (when they are not locked up in apartments) to the food bloggers of all countries they envy. They feed – at least in part – on fresh, local raw food from their own garden, which had a good life until the moment when the cat comes into play.

Nevertheless, there are always attempts to discredit people living with cats. They are referred to as Crazy Cat Lady, as a difficult-to-place, foreign-haired person with an unfulfilled desire for children and an irrational tendency to sneaky mass murderers. I read an article recently, which cited a study that described cat and dog ownership as a climate sin, Not long ago, I read an article which called for cats to be taxed and all (all!) Cats sterilized, among other things because they allegedly eat so many songbirds. But as long as the average person eats so much meat every year, I do not want to hear anything about a few missing songbirds.

At power struggle, we could all learn directly from cats in terms of used power and would save a lot of effort. From a cat’s point of view, sometimes fighting is an option, but often it is rather hopeless. It will not work for an old-established cat to take the spot off, even though according to all the polls, the other one is not as strong as she seems to be. So she could do what every cat would do: give up before she gets completely spoiled. Looking for another field of activity.
We all can learn from cats. People find it difficult to meet people who not only like anarchism in theory, but also live it because many things in our everyday lives are not compatible with it. Cats, on the other hand, can do it. No senseless hierarchies, everything is discussed at eye level, any dressage is denied.
The good: We get more role models. Like any good idea, cats spread out, and just in time for the birthday of Loom I read:

There are more wild cats in Germany! We are looking into a fluffy future.

Happy Birthday my one-and-everything!

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