11. March 2018


He’s sleeping with a mask on his face so that the environment is dark enough to be able to sleep. It’s a black one and he leans his head against the window side with his own pillow.

I observe him. He doesn’t like me doing this but now he can’t recognise it at all.
He has this attractive kind of smile, the one which is so fresh and naughty paired with this selfconfident attitude.
I am looking at his face and see this perfect shape of a man. His mouth is a little bit opened and his warm breath comes out of it to get fresh air into these big lungs. I can almost feel his breath at my neck and my cheeks while he’s kissing me there.

I imagine him lying on the hotel bed in a few hours with nothing to cover but the soft sheets and eyes still blindfolded. Perhaps he is tied, I don’t know yet. His body is tanned from the sun and I adore these strong arms being able to hold me tight.

I grab his face with my right hand and my full lips are kissing his chin while my left hand is searching the way up from his bar to his chest. There are some hairs left and I like this male look just as his beard mixed with dark and grey.
It’s a warm and cozy feeling searing me when my lips meet his. He still can’t see anything and so he has to feel me like a blind man would. I take his hand and put it onto my neck, slowly moving it down towards my breast. I stop there for a little while and squeeze his hand so that he is touching me roughly there. One of the only places not being tanned from the sun because of my bikini. I pull out a little moan and push his hand back above his head so that his muscles at the arm are lying next to his head. His shoulder leaf seems to be huge and he knows being absolutely attractive on this pose. I take the second hand to his other one and grab his wrists so that he can’t move. I’m sure he could if he would want to because he’s a strong man. But he leaves his arms like I was positioning them.

Without being able to see, you are feeling things kind of different.

The warmth of the other one’s body…

The smell of the other one’s skin…

…and surely you feel the other one’s sentiments in a different way.

You aren’t focused on what your eyes are telling you, but what your mind is perceiving. You would wonder what a big difference this could be.

I am sitting on his hips with nothing to wear but a tiny black slip. Black is my favourite colour and although he can’t see it, he knows me to wear it because he senses my feeling of being more than only comfortable. He also knows that I desire him. Kissing and touching him throws me into another world and I want him to come with me and enjoy our bodies in a higher level. It’s not for the orgasm itself but for the way we get lost in each other. It’s a mixture of being strange and so well-known with each other that there’s no lack of confidence or reliance paired with this animal and wild way of just fucking another. Just forgetting about absolutely everything around us, a bit like being drunk. Everything is allowed, so I rip his head back by grabbing his grey and strong hair and lick his collarbone up to his ear and press my mouth on his while my tongue is searching for the way inside.
My knees are meanwhile pressing his legs apart so that I can slide down and sit between his thighs. My hands are the first to touch and I wonder what he is feeling just in the moment my mouth and tongue is following. It’s a pitty to not being able to look into his head. So it’s me who is like blindfolded…

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